Highly Vaxxed Europe Must Now Mask Outdoors

Covid-19 vaccine not effective enough to keep Europe from implementing even stricter mask mandates.

Un-Vaxxed Africa Only World Region Enjoying Drop in COVID Cases: World Health Organization

15 million new coronavirus cases reported globally last week among more-vaccinated countries—unvaccinated Africa only region reporting a drop, says W.H.O.

In Defying the COVID Regime, Novak Djokovic Is the New ‘People’s Champ’

I wanted to take a moment to recognize Novak Djokovic and his heroic defiance of the COVID regime, lending his enormous platform and status to the millions of people around the world who have been denied their unalienable rights in the name of a virus.

Unvaxxed Canadians to Face Special Tax to Support Country’s Public Funded Health Care

Quebec is planning a special tax for unvaccinated adults they’re calling a “health contribution.”

Ikea Says It Will Cut Sick Pay For The Unvaccinated

'Our approach to COVID-related absences has evolved'

U.S. Hospitals Let COVID-Infected Staff Stay on the Job After Firing Unvaxxed Workers

Unvaccinated health care workers have been fired in the name of not spreading the virus, but American hospitals are now allowing even infected staff to continue working.

What Djokovic’s Battle to Compete in Australian Open Means for Health Freedom Movement

If the Serbian tennis star is allowed to stay in the country and compete in the Australian Open, Australia’s prime minister will be acknowledging that his country’s public health policies from the start have been nonsensical in their lack of nuance.

Nearly 75% of U.K. COVID Deaths Were Vaxxed: Govt. Data

Shots don’t fully protect from infection or transmission and has horrible side effects

Judge Overturns Novak Djokovic’s Visa Cancellation: Athlete ‘Pleased and Grateful’

The tennis star will compete in the Australian Open.

Othering Unvaccinated Persons

In my teaching, I prepare undergraduate students to become high school history teachers. In one course, teacher candidates prepare and deliver mock lessons. Their peers play the role of high school students, and I observe and give feedback following these practice lessons. Whether coincidence or a reflection of the times, this fall a good number of mock lessons covered the rise of totalitarianism.

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