Just One Percent of Americans View Biden Economy as ‘Excellent,’ Poll Suggests

A new poll from ABC News/Ipsos has found that only one percent of Americans would describe Joe Biden’s current American economy as “excellent.” In comparison, only 23 percent considered it “good,” according to a report from Breitbart News. Additionally, 75 percent of Americans polled chose to describe the economy as “poor.”

Russian Forces Reach Kyiv as Residents Flee and Ukraine’s President Pleads for Help

The smell of blood and sounds of gunfire and wailing car alarms woke residents in Kyiv on Friday as Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine's capital city for the first time.

Biden Turned Over Intelligence to China on Russia’s Plans to Invade Ukraine, China Gave It to Russia, Report Says

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration turned over intelligence to communist China for months about Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine in an attempt to get China to convince Russia to not invade, according to a report.

Leftists ‘Suddenly’ Value Second Amendment Amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Those on the political left who previously ridiculed American civilians with firearms are suddenly in favor of them as Ukrainians prepare to defend themselves against Russia.

Ukrainian Shelling Kills Two School Teachers, Says Reporter on the Ground

Independent journalist reports Ukraine launched shells into the contested area, killing two school teachers.

Ukraine Accepts Putin’s Peace Proposal

Ukrainian press secretary says consultations are underway about the place and time of the negotiations.

Chinese News Site Leaks Country’s Plan to Censor Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Chinese media accidentally shows leaked censorship instructions to say nothing critical of Russia during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Putin Declares Beginning of Military Operation for ‘Demilitarization and Denazification’ of Ukraine

Russia's leader says Moscow seeks "demilitarization and denazification" of Ukraine, tells Ukrainian army to lay down weapons, warns of response to foreign intervention.

Ukraine Under Martial Law: ‘We Are Introducing Martial Law on the Whole Territory of Our Country’

"The decision will allow to coordinate at most all authorities, regional state administrations in the conditions of martial law," said Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

Russia ‘Ready to Negotiate’ with Ukraine: Putin

Vladimir Putin tells China's President Xi he's ready to hold high-level talks with Kiev.

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