Transgender Policy

Lawsuit Alleges Arizona School District Instruct Students How to Hide Gender Identity From Parents

America First Legal (AFL) is representing Rachel Walden in her lawsuit against Mesa Public Schools and Superintendent Andi Fourlis.

First Minister of Scotland to Resign Over Transgender Policy Criticism

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon stated that she will be stepping down from her position following backlash over a transgender policy that allowed a biological male incarcerated for rape to be moved to a female prison.

Teenage California Girl Claims She Was Exposed To Naked Man At Local YMCA That Promotes Trans ‘Inclusivity And Acceptance’

A female California teenager in San Diego County told local city officials Wednesday she was exposed to male genitalia inside a YMCA women’s locker room after finishing a workout.

Loudoun County Dad Found Not Guilty of Trespassing at School Board Meeting

Loudoun County father found not guilty of trespassing at June 2021 school board meeting after expressing concerns about school district's "moral decay," arrest used by Biden administration to attack concerned parents.

Children Avoid School Bathrooms Due to Transgender Policy

Parents are suing the school board of Bethel, Ohio over a transgender policy saying children can use that which corresponds with their gender identity.

UK Prime Minister Backs International Ban on Men in Women’s Swimming Events

The Prime Minister has supported the decision of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) to keep men out of women’s competitions.

‘Biology Trumps Gender’: World Athletics Defends Integrity of Women’s Sports; FIFA Also Reviewing Transgender Policy

FIFA and World Athletics, two international governing bodies for sports, revealed Monday they are reviewing their eligibility rules for transgender athletes.

UPenn Athletes Write Letter Asking for School & Ivy League to Accept New Transgender Guidelines

The women's swimming and diving team at the University of Pennsylvania have written an open letter calling for the school to accept USA Swimming's new transgender policy.

Transgender High Schooler Suing TN for Protecting Male Sports

It’s crazy to think that we live in a world where our leaders are viewed as hateful and radical when they try to uphold reason, but that is what is happening in Tennessee in the ever-raging battle over transgender policy in sports.

Conservatives Hit Loudoun County Schools with Over 500 FOIA Requests

Conservatives seeking information about a Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) alleged sexual assault coverup, among other things, have flooded the school division with over 500 Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA) requests, according to Loudoun Now.

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