Now a Majority of Democrats Say Biden’s Mental Health in Doubt

A new poll reveals that now a majority of Democrats think Joe "Biden possibly has mental health issues."

Most Americans, including Democrats, concerned about Biden’s mental health: Poll

The majority of Americans, including Democrats, say they are concerned about President Biden‘s mental health amid recent gaffes and swirling questions about whether the 79-year-old should pursue a second term.

1 in 5 Americans Are Skipping Meals As Long Lines At Food Banks Make a Comeback Under Biden

A new poll indicates more than one in every five Americans are skipping meals to help combat soaring food prices under President Biden, while...

‘Not Sure’ Crushes Joe Biden in 2024 Primary Poll

Even though President Joe Biden reportedly has indicated that he plans to run for re-election in 2024, a new poll shows a strong majority of Americans would prefer he sit it out.

Majority Believe World Is Less Stable Since Joe Biden Assumed Office

A majority of Americans believe the world is less stable since President Joe Biden assumed office, a Wednesday TIPP poll revealed.

New Polling Shows Biden Approval Sinking Below Kamala Harris

New polling from Gallup shows President Joe Biden has a lower approval rating than Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden sits at 43 percent with Harris at 44 percent. Harris still has a higher disapproval rating than Biden at 54 percent.

60% of Republicans Want Trump to Seek Another Term; Only 37% of Dems Want Biden to

Republicans are far more enthusiastic about former President Donald Trump running again for the White House in 2024 than Democrats are about President Joe Biden seeking a second term, according to the December I&I/TIPP Poll released on Tuesday.

Only 45 Percent Trust Scientists on Coronavirus Origins Theory

Only forty-five percent of polled adults trust scientists regarding the coronavirus origins theory, according to a Monday I&I/TIPP poll.

Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Want Special Counsel To Investigate Hunter Biden

A new TIPP poll found that the overwhelming majority of Americans – including Democrats – favor appointing a special counsel for President Biden’s son Hunter.

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