Biden Makes Gaffe at NAACP Event, Claims He Was Vice President During Pandemic

President Joe Biden made an apparent blunder while addressing attendees at the NAACP’s Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit on Sunday. The 81-year-old...

Biden’s Claim of Florida Being ‘In Play’ Challenges Electoral Reality

President Joe Biden's recent remarks in Tampa, Florida, about the state being "in play, nationally" have drawn criticism for their departure from historical election...

Biden’s Teleprompter Trouble Adds to String of Verbal Missteps

President Biden stumbled through another verbal misstep during a speech at a trade union conference in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, highlighting his tendency for...

Selective Scrutiny: Left’s Allegations of Trump’s Mental Fitness Exposed Amid Growing Concerns Over Biden

Amid the many concerns about President Joe Biden's cognitive abilities, some on the left are attempting to redirect attention to former President Donald Trump,...

Watch Mike Lindell’s ‘Election Summit’

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is hosting a two-day "Election Summit" on August 16th and 17th.

Christian Singer Amy Grant Says Faith Gave Her Strength After Bike Accident

Amy Grant said faith gave her strength while recovering from a bike accident last year.

Journalist Who Suffered On-Air Medical Emergency Is ‘Vaxxed x3’

Journalist Jessica Robb said in April 2022 she felt "very lucky to be vaxxed x3."

Biden Ridiculed for Reading Out ‘Dot’ in Website URL from Teleprompter

President Biden faced backlash after reading "dot" out loud while trying to share a website regarding his student debt relief plan.

Even NY Times Voicing Concerns About Biden’s Age, Incoherence

The media have been out with a bunch of stories of late that are raising questions about Joe Biden and his ability to do...

‘Repeat the Line’: White House Retroactively Alters Transcript to Smooth Biden’s Gaffe

During a speech about his new abortion-focused executive order, 79-year-old President Joe Biden once again found himself struggling to properly vocalize the words on his teleprompter.

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