Journalist Who Suffered On-Air Medical Emergency Is ‘Vaxxed x3’

On Sunday, Jessica Robb, a journalist for CTV in Edmonton, the Capital city of the province of Alberta, Canada, experienced a medical emergency while reporting live on air, according to The Daily Caller.

During a conversation with anchor Nahreman Issa, Robb was unable to continue reading from the teleprompter and appeared to faint on camera.

The video shows Robb stumbling backwards with her eyes rolling to the back of her head before the shot cuts back to a two-screen view.

Following the incident, Robb took to Twitter to assure her followers that she was okay and thank the CTV team for their assistance.

Her Twitter page is currently set to private, though it is unclear whether this was always the case or if she made the change after the video of her emergency went viral, the Daily Caller notes.

Robb’s scary on-air episode has led some to speculate whether the coronavirus vaccine was to blame, mainstream news outlets calling such inferences “conspiracy theories.”

Though her account has been made private, there is an archived version of a tweet Robb posted back in April 2022 in which she revealed that she had tested positive for COVID-19 and uploaded a picture of a ‘RapidResponse’ COVID antigen test.

In the same tweet, Robb stated that she had received three COVID jabs, though it is not clear which formulation of the drug she took.

“Consider this my official out of (the physical) office,” she wrote at the time. “Feeling very lucky to be vaxxed x3 & that I started isolating as soon as symptoms started. More than anything it’s the personal defeat I’m feeling after managing to avoid the ‘Vid for 2+ years. See you soon, outside world.”

Screenshot of archived tweet dated “28 Apr 2022”