How Can We Trust the CDC With Our Children’s Health?

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky tested positive for COVID last week in spite of being “up to date” with her vaccines.

Democratic Senate Candidate John Fetterman Struggles To Speak During Debate With Dr. Oz

Pennsylvania's Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman struggles to make coherent sentences in debate against Republican Dr. Oz.

Government-Funded Lab in Maryland Plans to Develop Hybrid Monkeypox Strain That Is More Lethal Than Previous Strains

Last week, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced to launch an investigation into the new COVID strain research being conducted at Boston University, which has shown an 80% fatality rate in infected mice.

Highschool Transgender Man Brutally Injures Female Opponent With Volleyball Spike

The all-girls volleyball team forfeited all games against the transgender's team due to safety concerns.

Uganda Locks Down 2 Districts in Bid to Stem Spread of Ebola

Ugandan authorities on Saturday imposed a travel lockdown on two Ebola-hit districts as part of efforts to stop the spread of the contagious disease.

More Lethal COVID Strain Developed in Boston University Lab

Researchers at Boston University added a spike protein from the Omicron variant with the original Whuan strain, which has an 80% kill rate.

Menstrual Abnormalities Lasting for Months Following COVID Vax

The data collected from Israel’s adverse events reporting system showing that some women experienced menstrual disorders for more than 12 months after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine raises concerns, according to Dr. Shelly Cole, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Texas.

EU Vaccine Purchase Is ‘Biggest Corruption Scandal in History’: European Parliament Member

Mislav Kolakusic of the European Parliament tweeted Wednesday that the EU's purchase of "unproven" COVID vaccines has become the "biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankin."

The Drift Toward ‘Democratic Despotism’

The Biden administration’s excessive use of executive orders, regulatory rulemaking power, and lawfare against state governments and other “intermediary institutions”; its dictatorial pandemic decrees; and its ongoing efforts to delegitimize the Republican Party as an organization of dangerous neo-fascists, lawless election deniers, and insurrectionists are all manifestations of this country’s continuing drift toward “democratic despotism,” which didn’t start with President Joe Biden and will not end with him.

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