New Data Show Masking Doesn’t Work

New data shows Covid cases in Singapore and New Zealand have overtaken Australia in the latest Omicron wave despite ultra-strict mask mandates.

WHO Declares ‘Sex Is Not Limited to Male and Female’

In a news item posted to the World Health Organization (WHO) website on July 6, 2022, WHO announced an update to their "gender mainstreaming...

China Finds First Black Box From Crashed Jet, U.S. Discussing Quarantine for Investigators

Chinese emergency workers found on Wednesday one of two black boxes from a China Eastern Airlines (600115.SS) plane that crashed with 132 people onboard, but U.S. efforts to join the investigation are on hold because of COVID-19 quarantine rules.

300,000 U.K. Residents Have Potentially Fatal Heart Condition

A scientific report discovered that some 300,000 Brits are living with heart disease that could kill them within five years of diagnosis.

GETTR Shadow Bans Reporter Who Queried Ban of America First Streamer, Has ‘Nothing More to Say’

Elijah Schaffer, the Blaze reporter who queried the GETTR ban of America First streamer Nick Fuentes has been shadowbanned on the platform.

As of This Moment, America Is Still a Beacon of Liberty

Under the pretext of public health, the soul of what is known as the Free West has left most Western countries. Looking at the government overreach and abuses of power in virtually every other Western nation, one can only conclude that America truly is the last free man standing. 

The Chinese Regime Is Committing ‘At Least 3 Genocides’: Former Senior State Department Official

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is committing at least three genocides, aimed to eradicate Falun Gong adherents, Uyghurs and Tibetans, according to a former senior state department official.

Former Australian Pro-Basketball Player Ben Madgen Diagnosed with Pericarditis After Taking Second Shot of Pfizer Vaccine

Former Australian pro-basketball player Ben Madgen, 36, was diagnosed with pericarditis after receiving his second shot of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in a report from the Covid world.

400 Studies Showing COVID Lockdowns, Mandates Fail, Cause ‘Immense Harm’: Epidemiologist, Former U.S. Health & Human Services Senior Advisor

Epidemiologist compiles massive trove of research studies demonstrating "that Covid-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, masks, school closures, and mask mandates have failed in their purpose of curbing transmission or reducing deaths."

VICTORY: After Campus Reform article, Christian student gets spot on student government

Earlier this year, a student at Auburn University was denied the opportunity to serve as the student government’s Chief Justice due to his conservative and Christian convictions.

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