‘Allahu Akbar’-Shouting Illegal Immigrant Terrorist, Kills 2 in Brussels, Shot Dead by Police

“In his very violent speech, he said he had shot two people to ‘avenge the Muslims and that we live and die for our religion.’”

Sweden Summons Military to Address Gang Violence

"We will hunt the gangs, we will defeat the gangs," Kristersson affirmed.

Swedish Elderly Citizens Denied Quality Care While Government Spends Millions on Illegal Immigrants

Elderly citizens of Sweden are denied quality care at nursing homes amid a migrant crisis.

More Explosions on Nord Stream Pipelines: Total of Four Blasts Uncovered by Norwegian Scientists

New findings from Norwegian researchers highlight that the Nord Stream gas pipelines experienced more explosions than initially reported, with four blasts last year causing significant damage to three of the four pipeline lines.

NATO Launches Largest Post Cold War Military Drills Near Russian Borders

NATO is set to conduct its most extensive military exercises in Western Europe since the end of the Cold War, with the aim of bolstering its readiness against potential threats.

Denmark Moves to Ban Burning the Koran or the Bible

The Danish government has reportedly proposed a ban on setting the Quran on fire in public after a series of burnings led to uproar in Muslim countries.

Swedes Form Their Own Group To Fight Against Migrant Crime

Residents of Husby, located just outside of Stockholm, are creating a group of citizens to fight against crime and drug addiction among their homeless population.

Stockholm Police Allow Man to Burn Torah, Bible in Protest Demonstration

The Stockholm police have permitted a man to burn the Torah and Bible outside the Israeli Embassy.

Over 130 Nations, Representing 98% of Global GDP, Contemplate Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) Amid Privacy, Government Control Concerns

"By tracking every financial transaction, they will have access to every detail of our spending, the recipient of our money, and how we allocate our resources. In essence, it replicates George Orwell’s dystopian society depicted in 1984," critics have argued.

Psychiatrist Testifies ‘Evidence of Harm’ in Child Transgender Procedures

Child psychiatrist Dr. Miriam Grossman testified before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s Subcommittee on Health that child transgender procedures present a significant risk of harm.

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