Biden Reportedly Preparing to Quit Campaign, Officials Claim Otherwise

Bill O'Reilly said that reports suggest President Joe Biden will "quit the campaign."

Supreme Court Upholds Federal Ban on Firearms for Domestic Abusers in 8-1 Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court decided on Friday to sustain a federal statute that forbids domestic abusers from owning firearms, handing gun control proponents a...

Maine’s First LGBTQ+ Housing Complex to Open in Portland

Plans are under way to construct the first LGBTQ+ affordable housing complex in the state. The Equality Community Center in Portland is spearheading a...

Biden’s $320 Million Gaza Pier Detaches, Drifts Onto Israeli Beach

A portion of the $320 floating pier built off Gaza's coast has broken off and drifted onto an Israeli beach.

Emergency Slide Falls off Delta Plane After Takeoff

The emergency exit slide fell off a Delta Airlines jet after taking off from New York headed to Los Angeles this week, the airline announced.

Biden ‘Happy’ to Debate Trump

President Joe Biden said he is "happy" to debate Donald Trump.

Argentina’s Javier Milei Says Country Has First Surplus in 16 Years: ‘Our Plan is Working’

Newly elected libertarian President Javier Milei told Argentines in a televised address that the country is now experiencing its first economic surplus in over 16 years under his leadership.

FAA Considers Eliminating New Routes Amid United Airlines Incidents

The Federal Aviation Administration is considering measures to more closely monitor United Airlines following a series of safety incidents among the airline.

Another United Airlines Boeing 737 Lands at Airport, Missing Exterior Panel

A 25-year-old United Airlines Boeing 737 landed at an Airport in Oregon on Friday due to a missing exterior panel.

Rep. Cory Mills Airlifts Americans Out of Haiti

Representative Cory Mills (R-FL) announced that he is conducting airlift missions to evacuate Americans from Haiti.

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