Former Us Military Pilot Admits He Spied for China, Sold US Secrets

A former U.S. Army helicopter pilot admitted to serving as a paid agent of the Chinese government, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Thursday.

FBI Spied on 3.3 Million U.S. Citizens Without a Warrant Under Biden Admin

GOP representatives demand "full accounting of the approximately 3,394,053 U.S. person queries conducted by the FBI in calendar year (CY) 2021."

Nearly Half of Germans Believe ‘Political Correctness’ Threatens Free Speech

A survey done by Germany’s pro-censorship federal government has found that around half of people in the country feel that accusations of racism and “political correctness” can stifle free speech.

Trump Calls for Release of Texts of Obama Chief of Staff Related to 2016 Election

Former President Trump on Friday called for the release of all text messages to and from President Barack Obama's second-term chief of staff during what he calls that administration's "attempt to overturn the 2016 Presidential Election."

Trump Calls for Recusal of Clinton-Appointed Judge Reviewing His Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton, DNC

In an exclusive interview with BlazeTV host Glenn Beck, former President Donald Trump discussed his lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and others who he says colluded to defeat his 2016 presidential campaign and sabotage his presidency.

DOJ Secretly Spied on Project Veritas Journalists

Microsoft was ordered to secretly hand over emails.

Tucker Carlson: ‘No One Believes You Anymore, Joe Biden—No One Should Believe You’

Tucker Carlson blamed President Joe Biden’s perceived ineptness for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, calling it a humiliating defeat for the current commander-in-chief.

‘People Need to Go to Jail’ After Latest John Durham Filing: Senator

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said on Feb. 20 that Republicans and former President Donald Trump will ultimately be proven correct regarding their repeated claims that Obama administration officials spied on Trump.

N.Y. City’s Facial Recognition Surveillance System Targets Minorities: Forbes

Racial minorities are "more at risk" of being spied on by New York City’s massive facial recognition surveillance machine.

The Silent Coup

Ever since President Trump came down the golden escalators to announce his candidacy for president of the United States, many professional and even casual observers of politics and history have wondered just what was going on in the events that followed.

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