U.K. Parliament Staffer Arrested After Allegedly Spying for China

A staffer for the United Kingdom Parliament was arrested after allegations that he spied for China.

The staffer was arrested under the Official Secrets Act.

Chris Cash, 28 years old, was a British Conservative Party parliamentary researcher and directed a policy group on China.

“I feel forced to respond to the media accusations that I am a ‘Chinese spy.’ It is wrong that I should be obliged to make any form of public comment on the misreporting that has taken place,” Cash said in a statement.

“However, given what has been reported, it is vital that it is known that I am completely innocent. I have spent my career to date trying to educate others about the challenge and threats presented by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said the situation is “remarkably dangerous.”

“This is a guy who allegedly spies on behalf of the Chinese government in the place where decisions are made and sensitive information is transferred,” Smith stated. “It is vitally important that he is named because many people who came into contact with this individual will be unaware that he has been arrested on suspicion of espionage. There is a clear public interest.”

Reporting from Just the News:

The espionage allegations come as China has been ramping up its surveillance across the world. In a notable incident earlier this year, a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon flew over much of the continental United States before the military shot it down over the Atlantic Ocean.

Additionally, two U.S. Navy service members were arrested last month for allegedly sharing sensitive military information with China.