Soul of America

Biden Races to Buffalo But Never Went to Waukesha

President Biden will visit Buffalo, New York, on Tuesday following the mass shooting at Tops, which left 10 people dead.

Buffalo Shooting Suspect Payton Gendron Had Been ‘Brought In for Mental Health Evaluation’ and Released (Video)

Buffalo Police commissioner said suspect received mental health evaluation last June following "generalized" threat made against his high school.

Sean Feucht: ‘An Open Letter to Church Leaders’

The flock needs you. We feel lost. Across America, we are witnessing believers shunned, censored, and persecuted for their beliefs, yet silence from church leaders.

Defending Womanhood in ‘Woke’ America

Christians must mobilize to counter the progressive Left’s agenda as the battle for the soul of America rages on.

No, Mr. President, the ‘soul of America’ isn’t racist

President Joe Biden is already starting to push people too far with his constant refrains about how racist this country is.

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