Biden Campaign Continues Using TikTok Despite Signing Law Against Platform

The Biden reelection campaign is reportedly planning to remain on the social media app TikTok despite the president signing a bill that forces the app to be sold to an American company or be banned in the United States.

“A fragmented media environment requires us to show up and meet voters where they are — and that includes online. TikTok is one of many places we’re making sure our content is being seen by voters,” a campaign representative said.

“When the stakes are this high in the election, we are going to use every tool we have to reach young voters where they are,” the individual added.

The statement follows Biden signing a bill into law that gives the app’s parent company, Bytedance, a nine-month window to find a buyer, with a possible three-month extension if a sale is underway.

In February, the Biden campaign joined the social media platform to reach younger voters.

The move followed Biden signing a law banning the app from federal devices.

White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby did not offer an explanation as to why Biden allowed his campaign to operate on the platform after TikTok was considered a security threat.

“Why did the president allow his campaign to go on TikTok despite the national security review of the platform?” a reporter asked.

“I’d have to refer you to the campaign for that,” Kirby responded.

American Faith reported that the Democrat-linked SuperPAC Priorities USA provided $1 million to social media influencers to advertise Joe Biden’s campaign.

Content creators on Instagram and TikTok are pushing Biden administration content to boost the president’s support among younger voters.

When asked about the social media campaign, Priorities USA spokesperson Jack Doyle said, “We look forward to working with TikTok throughout the cycle.”