EV Batteries Linked to ‘Forever Chemicals’

A report from Business Insider details a new study published in the journal Nature Communications that revealed rechargeable lithium-ion batteries present in most electric vehicles (EVs) contain "forever chemicals."

White House Visitor Log Reveals Parkinson’s Expert Met With Biden’s Doctor Numerous Times

The White House visitor log shows that President Joe Biden's doctor reportedly met with a Parkinson's disease expert numerous times this year.

Governor Healey’s Statement Highlights Loyalty to Biden, Focus on 2024 Election

Governor Maura Healey issued a statement through her political team on Friday, expressing her gratitude for President Joe Biden's leadership, despite the fact that...

Google’s Search Results Under Scrutiny Ahead of 2024 Presidential Election

The Media Research Center claims that Google is engaging in its usual electoral pranks. According to an MRC analysis, Joe Biden's campaign website ranks...

Hunter Biden Law License is Suspended

Hunter Biden's law license in Washington, D.C., has been suspended following his recent guilty verdict on federal gun charges. 

Investigation Finds Govt Falsely Said Monkeypox Experiment was Never Approved

An investigation conducted by a panel in the House of Representatives found that the government falsely claimed that a monkeypox (mpox) experiment was never approved.

Biden’s Remarks on Marrying into Large Families Raise Eyebrows

President Joe Biden made an unusual comment during an event on Tuesday, advising young men to marry into families with multiple daughters, citing his...

Examining the Over-Dramatization of LGBTQ Youth Bullying Claims

The narrative that LGBTQ youth face higher rates of suicide and bullying compared to their non-LGBTQ peers has dominated public discourse, but is that...

Common Sense Study Finds Cows Don’t Cause Climate Change

A new study found that cows do not contribute to climate change.

Backlash Erupts Over Biden’s Remarks on Soaring Grocery Costs

President Joe Biden's remarks on surging grocery costs have drawn sharp criticism, with some claiming he's out of touch with Americans' struggles. During an interview...

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