U.S. Marine Corps Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ with Rainbow Bullets

Their celebratory image features rainbow-tipped bullets.

To Counter Woke Gender Ideology, Congress Must Define What a Real Woman Is

When an incoming Supreme Court justice can’t even say what a woman is, members of Congress are wise to define “woman” by statute so courts can’t pretend to be confused.

Global Internet Pact: U.S. & 55 Other Nations Sign Pledge Days After Musk Twitter Buyout

A global pact titled the “Declaration for the Future of the Internet” was launched on Thursday by the United States and co-signed by 55 other countries.

Big Tech Censored Anti-Biden Content 646 Times Over Two Years

A database that tracks Big Tech censorship of President Joe Biden's critics has found more than 640 examples of bias against posts that could politically damage the president.

New York Times Reporter Reportedly Falls for Online Satire, Requests Comment on ‘MAGA Airspace’

The satirical tweet was prompted by the announcement that masks were no longer required on public transportation.

Conservatives Push Elon Musk to Use Twitter Stake to Restore Trump’s Account

Tesla founder's purchase of major stake in Twitter reignites calls to rein in Big Tech censorship.

SpaceX Billionaire Elon Musk Just Bought a Massive Share of Twitter

Billionaire Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk just made a major splash over on social media – by buying a ton of it.

Federalist Editor Warns Warns, ‘Big Tech Will Eventually Silence Everyone Who Dissents From Their Woke Ideology’ Following Twitter Censorship Over Rachel Levine Comment

Twitter has locked the account of a senior editor at the Federalist, John Daniel Davidson, over a post in which Davidson referred to Admiral Rachel Levine as "a man."

Twitter Purge Ramps up Against Christian Satire Site for Calling Rachel Levine a Man

Babylon Bee founder Adam Ford latest to get locked out. Twitter is not hiding all tweets it flagged as "hateful," however.

Twitter Censors ‘The Babylon Bee’ for Calling Rachel Levine a Man

The political satire publication has refused to delete the tweet that led to the ban.

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