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Sean Feucht Leads Worship Rally at Disney Headquarters: ‘It’s Time for the Church To Be Bold’

Led by Christian author, activist, musician, and founder of Hold the Line Sean Feucht, hundreds of people gathered yesterday in front of Disney’s headquarters in Burbank, CA to protest the corporation’s recent stances on gender and sexuality.

Photo Shows MLB Player Manny Machado Wearing a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ T-Shirt

Major League Baseball player Manny Machado of the San Diego Padres was photographed sporting a "Let's Go Brandon" t-shirt.

California Reporting Highest Gas Prices in the Nation, Nearing $6

California is reporting some of the highest gas prices in the nation, nearing $6.00 a gallon on Tuesday, according to AAA’s data.

Police Departments Report Spike in Gas Thefts Amid Rising Fuel Prices

With sharply rising gasoline prices come nefarious methods criminals use to avoid the pain at the pump.

Thousands of Conservatives Rally in California to ‘Reawaken America’

On March 11 and 12, about 3,000 conservatives gathered at the Awaken Church in San Diego where keynote speakers described a new course for America based on Christian conservative principles.

Americans Filling up Gas Tanks in Mexico

It’s not just prescription drugs that Americans buy cheaper in Mexico.

State Health Agents Conduct ‘Mask Raids’ on 3 Private California Preschools and Interrogate Toddlers Without Parents Present

Several parents in San Diego are outraged after finding out that state regulators stormed several preschools and interrogated their young children in private as part of a state mask enforcement operation.

California Bill Would Punish Doctors Who Promote COVID ‘Misinformation,’ as Other States Move to Protect Doctors’ Rights to Treat Patients

California lawmakers want COVID vaccine mandates for all K-12 students and the right to “discipline” doctors who step outside public policy guidelines for treating COVID patients. But other states, including New Hampshire and Kansas, are eying legislation designed to protect physicians who prescribe drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Boon-Docking Communities See Surge of New Arrivals as Housing Prices Soar

At age 63, Tom, a retired clerical worker, wasn’t planning to live out his golden years in the back seat of an old beater car in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.

Southern California Gas Prices Rise to Record Highs

The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in Los Angeles and Orange counties both rose to record highs Feb. 4 because of the switch to summer-blend gasoline and higher oil prices.

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