Over 200 Homicides in Chicago During Progressive Mayor Johnson’s First 100 Days

During liberal Mayor Brandon Johnson's first 100 days in office, there were increases in almost all major crimes in Chicago with total crime growing 38% over the same time last year.

Iowa National Guard, State Patrol to Deploy in Support of Texas Operation Lone Star

The Biden administration has "created one of the most significant national security and humanitarian crises of our generation and are blatantly ignoring the impact it’s having on our states, cities, and our people."

Canadian Gov’t Refuses to Euthanize Transgender Suffering ‘Discomfort and Pain’ Since Sex-Change Surgery

Profound regret for being hurried into a surgery that not only resulted in sterilization but has also left him in continuous pain.

Target Refuses to Sell Glenn Beck’s New Book

Target is not selling Glenn Beck’s new book despite previously reversing course and selling fellow conservative author Mark Levin’s book in-store.

Texas Governor Defends Marine Barriers in Border Crisis, Challenges Biden

“If you truly care about human life, you must begin enforcing federal immigration laws,” Gov. Abbott wrote in a letter to Joe Biden.

Fox News Allegedly Funding Far-Left Groups: The Satanic Temple, Planned Parenthood, and More

These organizations, however, include The Satanic Temple, The Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Teenagers Are Targets of ‘Sextortion’ Crimes: New Study

65% of teenagers around the world have been victims of "sextortion" schemes.

House Bill Prohibits EcoHealth Alliance, Wuhan Lab From Receiving State Department Funds

A bill from the House Appropriations Committee would ban EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology from receiving funds from U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other sources leading to the State Department.

FDA Refuses to Add Health Risks to COVID Vaccine Labels

The FDA has "repeatedly stated that effectiveness against transmission remains unproven," the trio write, noting that the agency’s website maintains: "the scientific community does not yet know if Comirnaty will reduce such transmission."

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