Conservatives Blame ‘McLeadership’ for Midterm Results, Not Trump

A Rasmussen poll suggests Conservatives and Republicans attribute midterm losses to Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Ronna McDaniel rather than Donald Trump.

48% of Maricopa Election Centers Had Printer, Tabulator Malfunctions on Election Day, Not Previously Estimated 20%: Rasmussen

Polling company tweets update on number of vote locations that experienced voting system malfunctions during midterm elections.

Polling Data Show Majority of Hispanic Voters Want More Border Enforcement

Over half of midterm voters think the government isn't doing enough to combat illegal border crossings.

Majority of Americans Say Veterans Day More Important Than Ever

Rasmussen poll shows 55% of Americans consider Veterans Day to be one of the nation's most important holidays.

California Amends State Constitution to Enshrine ‘Right to Abortion’

Reports streaming in that the proposition passed by a wide margin.

Poll Reveals Voters Believe Republicans Will Impeach Biden

The Rasmussen Reports poll suggests 54% of likely voters think a Republican House will impeach Biden.

Elon Musk Just Pulled the Plug on Twitter Censors

New Twitter CEO Elon Musk has made another move to prevent viewpoint discrimination while he sorts out the dumpster fire known as Twitter’s “Trust and Safety” department.

U.S. Taxpayers Send $1.5 Billion a Month to Ukraine

The Ukrainian government is being heavily supported with American money, with Washington contributing $1.5 billion per month to the budget, Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky has revealed.

Majority Of Voters Think Cartels Have More Control at Border Than The American Government Does: Poll

'They are right. So - now we should do something about it,' Rep. Chip Roy of Texas tweeted.

Gavin Newsom: The King of Late-Term Abortion

Don’t be fooled. California’s Proposition 1 Will Legalize Unspeakable Atrocities.

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