Iran Involved in Attack on Israel: Hamas Spokesperson

The statement contradicts comments from Hamas leadership that Iran did not play a part in the attacks on Israel.

San Francisco Hits Death Record for Drug Overdoses

San Francisco hit its record for accidental drug overdoses last month, according to city data.

Oliver Anthony Shares Scripture Insights on Joe Rogan Experience

The musician opened up about his spiritual journey, detailing how focusing on God transformed his life.

Migrants Transferred from Bronx Hotel to Queens Village Tents 

Illegal immigrants staying at a Bronx hotel in New York City were evicted last week and taken to a shelter in Queens Village.

Freemason ‘Secret Society’ Overwhelmed by Transgenderism

The world's oldest all-male secret society, the Freemasons, are having difficulties with transgenderism ideology overtaking their ranks.

25% of CBP and ICE Agents to Quit Within a Year, Survey Shows

The findings, based on responses from over 9,300 of the 577,000 CBP and ICE agents surveyed, cited several reasons including increased workload, inconsistent border policies, irrelevant task assignments, resource insufficiency, and excessive overtime.

Trump to Participate in CNN Town Hall

Former President Donald Trump is expected to participate in CNN's New Hampshire town hall on May 10.

11% Of Local Election Officials May Quit Leading Before 2024 Vote

According to a Brennan Center survey, 11% of local election officials think it is likely they will quit leading to the 2024 election.

Florida Sheriff Says ‘Gun Control’ Cannot Stop Criminals From Obtaining Guns

Florida’s Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said during a press conference Friday morning that no amount of gun laws can keep criminals from getting guns.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Refuses to Call Border Surge a ‘Crisis’

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas refused to call the ongoing influx at the southern border a "crisis," saying that admitting the situation was a crisis would indicate a "withdrawal from our mission."

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