New Videos Emerge Appearing To Show Capitol Police Inciting Violence On January 6

The Capitol Police allegedly incited some of the violent events on January 6.

January 6th Prisoners Dress Up Like Cubans So GOP Will Finally Notice Them

In a desperate bid to alleviate their plight, Trump supporters who are still being tormented in prison for participating in the January 6 Capitol incursion are identifying as Cubans in the hope Republican lawmakers will finally care about them.

VIDEO: Students Shocked By Cuban Protesters Flying ‘Controversial’ American Flag

A video released by the group Campus Reform on Thursday shows young people, many of them ironically standing in front of the nation’s Capitol, being asked what the American flag means to them.

Capitol Police Arrest Democratic Congresswoman for Storming Federal Building

The chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus celebrated her arrest Thursday after leading an incursion of protesters into the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill.

Media Frets About Cuban Protesters Spreading COVID-19

Same concerns were completely absent during months of Black Lives Matter riots.

Foo Fighters Pack MSG As Protesters Gather Outside Over Rule That Only Vaccinated People Could Attend

Madison Square Garden in New York City hosted mega-rock band the Foo Fighters on Sunday, packing in 20,000 people as others protested outside the venue over a rule that only those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 could attend.

New Video Shows U.S. Capitol Police Gave Protesters OK to Enter on Jan. 6

American Greatness published video on Sunday that directly contradicts government prosecutors’s claims filed against at least one protester in the January 6 “riots” at the US Capitol.

BLM Protesters Call for Insurrection, ‘Street Justice’ on White People So They ‘Feel The Pain And The Hurt’

"I don't want to say we need to start killing all white folks, but it's like, maybe they need to start feeling the pain and the hurt"

Police and Protestors Face Off at the Fence Blocking GraceLife Church

Hundreds of people showed up Sunday to protest at the site of GraceLife Church (GLC) in Spruce Grove, Alberta. GLC has insisted that its members were not among the protesters, some of whom at one point started tearing down the fence surrounding the shuttered church.

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