Capitol Police Detain Man With A Gun At ‘Justice For J6’ Rally, Turns Out He’s ‘Undercover Law Enforcement’

“‘Are you undercover?’ the officers asked the masked man, who gave them a badge.”

Capitol Police surrounded a mask man at the “Justice for J6” rally that was reportedly armed with a firearm. The man told police where the gun was and they pulled out his law enforcement badge.

He identified himself as undercover law enforcement. The man replied “I’m just here” when asked if he was an undercover law enforcement. There is no confirmation that this man was on-duty law enforcement. Capitol Police extracted the masked man from the event without disarming or handcuffing him. (READ MORE: Penn State University Professor Calls for Unmasked Students to be Suspended)

Journalist Ford Fischer and other protesters armed with smartphones recorded images and videos of the police questioning the man.

The ‘Justice for J6’ event was hosted by Look Ahead America. The organization is run by former Republican analyst Matt Braynard. Their stated mission is “to register, educate, and enfranchise these disaffected citizens and ensure that their voices are not just heard but heeded and that the American Dream becomes their dream again.” The event was created in response to hundred of Trump supporters in prison awaiting their trial date for walking through the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. There were more press and law enforcement at this event than protestors.