Rittenhouse Trial Witness Says Prosecutors Asked Him To ‘Change’ His Statement To Police (Video)

On Tuesday, a witness in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial testified that prosecutors pressured him to change his police statement.


Nathan DeBruin was taking photographs of the events the night that Rittenhouse killed two protestors and injured another, according to WISN.

Prosecutor Thomas Binger asked DeBruin to identify a person in a picture, according to DeBruin’s testimony.

When DeBruin didn’t know who the person was, Binger allegedly identified the person as Joshua Zaminsky.

Binger then set the phone face down before showing the photo again to DeBruin. He then asked a second time to identify the person in the picture.

“I just felt, I didn’t want to change my statement,” DeBruin told the defense attorney.

After being asked by Binger to change his statement, DeBruin told the defense team he hired an attorney.

Prosecutor James Kraus then began cross-examining the witness about his statement to police on the night of the shooting.