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UC Berkeley Parents Use Private Security To Protect Students From Rising Crime on Campus

Parents of students at the University of California at Berkeley have been forced to turn to private security to protect their children on campus.

Sen. Ted Cruz Proposes Airport Security Escorts for Lawmakers

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is proposing legislation that would allow lawmakers to have private security escorts through airports.

Chicago Mayor Adds $500,000 in Budget For ‘Restoration,’ ‘Reparations’

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) announced that he has allocated $500,000 in his new budget for "restoration and reparations."

D.C. Mayor Gives Residents Tracking Tags to Find Stolen Vehicles

Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel Bowser said that residents may be eligible to receive "digital tracking tags" amid a rise in auto theft.

Chicago Allocates $29M for Migrant Base Camps

The city of Chicago has finalized a contract exceeding $29 million with private security company Garda World to establish and oversee base camps aimed at sheltering migrants.

Mark Zuckerburg Donates to Defund the Police, Spends Millions for Private Security

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg spent over $40 million for private security while having also donated to defund the police initiatives.

Zuckerberg Spends $43 Million on Security, But $5.5 Million to Back ‘Defund the Police’

Facebook has spent $43.4 million on Mark Zuckerberg's private security in just three years, while Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) has donated at least $5.5 million to liberal activist organizations that are tied to defunding the police.

Tennessee Governor Boosts School Security with $230 Million Bill in Wake of Tragic Shooting

Gov. Lee stated, "Nothing is more important than Tennessee students and teachers returning home from school safely each day."

Workers in Democrat-Run North Carolina Tourist City Bemoan Downtown Decline: ‘Really Disturbing’

Business owners and workers in a Democrat-run North Carolina tourist town said their downtown district is deteriorating amid rising crime, rampant homelessness and diminishing police.

New Documentary Exposes Disney’s Pro-sexualization, Anti-nuclear Family Agenda

The magic of Disney is fading, according to the president of the Catholic League.

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