Disney Shares Plunge to Nine-Year Low Amid Company’s ‘Woke’ Push

On Thursday, Disney shares took a 3.9% hit.

Disney Fans Turn Against Rachel Zegler After Actress Makes Snarky Remarks

Disney fans criticized Rachel Zegler from the upcoming Snow White after the leading actress condemned the original 1937 film.

‘Climate Change’ Narrative-Pushing Biden Admin Is Not Tracking Its Own Carbon Emissions: Government Accountability Office Report

"State officials told us that they did not have a systematic way to calculate greenhouse gas emissions," the report reads.

European Central Bank President Blames ‘Climate Change’ for Inflation

Climate change narrative, proven wrong for decades, now being used to force globalist financial policy.

Report Reveals Alleged CIA Black Market Arms Trade

"Millions of dollars are being spent on financing terrorist groups and political radicals around the globe," the report claims, linking this purported activity to the CIA's operatives and high-ranking officials.

Warner Bros Reports Big Losses After ‘Going Woke’

Company reports net loss of $1 billion and adjusted EBITDA of $2.6 billion.

New Revelations Suggest CIA Involvement in 9/11

A report by SpyTalk's Seth Hettena suggests potential involvement of the CIA and Saudi government in the 9/11 attacks, based on allegations from anonymous former FBI agents and interviews with whistleblowers conducted by attorney Vincent Canestraro, who represents a defendant at Guantanamo Bay, raising questions about the CIA's knowledge of the first two hijackers to arrive in the United States and the role of Saudi Arabia in supporting the attackers.

Mayor in Maryland Mentored by Pete Buttigieg Arrested on 56 Child Sex Charges

The gay Mayor of College Park, Maryland, who was mentored by Pete Buttigieg has been arrested on dozens of child sex charges after authorities found him distributing child pornography.

Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Thrown Into Solitary Confinement After Saying Epstein Was Murdered

Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell was reportedly punished by authorities at the Federal Correctional Institute Tallahassee over a recorded jailhouse interview that aired in January.

Saudi Arabia Cardiologist Urges for Pause of COVID-19 Vaccines

President of the International Congress for Advanced Cardiac Sciences and founder of the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Professor Abdullah Alabdulgader is urging for Covid mRNA vaccines to be suspended on the grounds of cardiovascular dangers.

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