Facebook Just Admitted in Court That its ‘Fact-Checks’ Are Just Third Party ‘Opinions’

Facebook (aka “Meta”) has admitted in court that the “fact-checks” used by the site to blacklist non-corporate media content are actually opinion-based labels which do not conduct any real fact-checking of information posted to the site. The evidence was revealed during the court proceeding for a defamation case filed by John Stossel.

Let’s Go Brandon stores selling anti-Biden merch take off in New England

Owner reports strong sales in Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Democrat-Run Cities With Soros-Backed DAs Are Watching Crime Spiral Out Control

New York City Council Member Antonio Reynoso (D) has introduced a bill to abolish the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) gang database as gang crime reaches a new high throughout the city.

Twitter will now ban users that repeatedly claim vaxxed people can spread Covid

Twitter has quietly updated its “COVID-19 misleading information policy” to impose new sanctions on tweets about vaccines, PCR tests, and health authorities. These sanctions include removing and labeling tweets. Both types of sanctions also result in Twitter users accruing strikes on their account which can lead to a permanent suspension.

Death Toll Rises After Severe Tornado Storms: ‘Devastation Unlike Anything I Have Ever Seen In My Life’

Officials said late on Saturday that more than 80 people have died as a result of dozens of tornadoes that ravaged several Midwest and southern states late on Friday night and early Saturday morning as rescue efforts remain ongoing for those still trapped in collapsed structures.

Rubio to Introduce Bill Blocking Federal Funding for Cities that Allow Noncitizen Voting

As New York City becomes latest city to allow noncitizen voting in local elections, Sen. Rubio plans to file legislation banning funding to U.S. cities that do so.

Upcoming Phoenix ‘ReAwaken America Tour’ to Include Eric Trump, Comedian Jim Breuer: Jan 14–15 at Dream City Church

High-profile conservative conference coming to Phoenix, Arizona Jan 14th through 15th.

Arkansas Bill Would Ban Abortion Entirely, Reward $10K For Successfully Suing Abortion Providers

On Tuesday Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert filed Senate Bill 13 during a special legislative session aiming to ban abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

Smollett Appears to Be Limiting His Instagram Comments Section After Hate-Hoax Guilty Conviction

Only positive comments allowed on recently-convicted Jussie Smollett's Instagram page.

Texas Abortion Law Stands after Supreme Court Approves Challenge from Abortion Providers

Supreme Court on Friday said Texas abortion providers may sue to stop the state's ban on most abortions after six weeks, but left the law in place.

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