MSNBC Anchor Nicole Wallace Throws Script on Air, Denouncing Trump’s Latest “Attack”

MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace made a bold move during her Friday broadcast, discarding her prepared script on-air as she addressed breaking news regarding a new public attack from former President Donald Trump. Visibly frustrated, Wallace expressed her belief that it was time for a different approach in covering Trump’s actions, which she described as outrageous and sometimes dangerous.

“I have come on the air with breaking news about requests for gag orders because of threats for judges and their kids more times than I can count today before I got ready,” Wallace said, before tossing aside her news script.

Apologizing to the individual responsible for writing the show’s banner, Wallace continued, “Donald Trump broke the rule of law. We should cover a broken judiciary in this country. Donald Trump managed to delay every federal, criminal trial based on facts that he barely denies.”

Wallace highlighted Trump’s efforts to delay legal proceedings and involve the Supreme Court, stating, “Donald Trump brazenly and repeatedly attacks not just judges … judges don’t have Secret Service protecting them.”

Her reaction came in response to a Truth Social post by Trump, where he mentioned the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, who had placed Trump on a gag order before his upcoming court date. Wallace’s actions underscored the frustration with Trump’s social media behavior.

The gag order in Trump’s hush money case prohibits him and surrogates from making public statements about jurors and witnesses, but it does not restrict comments about Judge Merchan or his family members.

Trump’s hush money case is the first of four federal cases set to go to trial. He faces accusations of falsifying business records and has denied claims made by adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels regarding payments made during his 2016 presidential campaign.