Gay Couple Accused of Sexually Abusing Adopted Sons Reportedly Bragged About Molesting Them

A Georgia couple is being accused of sexually abusing their adopted children and using them to produce "homemade" child pornography, prosecutors allege.

Singer Madonna Accused of ‘Human Trafficking and Social Experiments’ by Ethiopian World Federation

President of Malawi asked to restrict Madonna's access to "sex exploitation, sexual slavery, adoption reversal, threat of coercion, fraud, deception and abuse of power or vulnerability."

How Did an Accused Child Rapist Adopt Two Children?

There were more than just warning signs that went unnoticed during gay activists William Dale Zulock Jr. and Zachary "Zack" Jacoby Zulock's expedited adoption process.

New Russian Decree Enables New Online Censorship Powers

Russia’s Ministry of Communications, in conjunction with the Russian government’s National Broadcasting Company and all other state-owned media outlets, this week gave themselves the power to block websites they deem offensive in new ways.

Christmas Is Not a Hate Crime

Without committing a crime, breaking the law, or hurting anyone, Christmas has been declared an enemy of peace.

‘Zero Tolerance’: Suspension Rate Nearly Doubles For Twitter Accounts Exploiting Child Sex Abuse Material

A cyber security and data analyst funding research into Twitter’s alleged child sexual abuse material (CSAM) problem said Saturday that the platform has nearly...

Planned Parenthood Executive Says People Are ‘Sexual Beings’ From Birth, Calls for ‘Porn Literacy’

Planned Parenthood’s Center for Sex Education executive director Bill Taverner is advocating for greater "porn literacy" in education because all people are "sexual beings" from birth.

Musk Says This Is ‘What Really Happened’ When Twitter Suppressed the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Author Matt Taibbi posted the story in a long Twitter thread.

Balenciaga Owner Tied to World Economic Forum

Kering Group owns several world-renowned fashion and jewelry lines.

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