Pledge of Allegiance

Wisconsin County Supervisor Attempts to Remove Pledge of Allegiance From Official County Meetings

Both the Pledge of Allegiance and the word "prayer" are offensive to the supervisor who submitted a proposal to have them removed in the interest of inclusivity.

Sen. Scott’s ’11 Point Plan to Rescue America’

Rick Scott's 'Plan to Rescue America' includes a promise to name the border wall after President Trump.

Students as young as 12 to be asked how often they have sex, if they’re transgender, and more on Fairfax County voluntary survey

Public school students as young as 12 years old in Fairfax County, Virginia, will be asked some very personal questions — about their sex life, dating life, home life, and more — on a voluntary survey sponsored by the county's government and school district, WJLA-TV reported.

Teacher who told students to pledge allegiance to gay pride flag has been removed from the classroom

Kristin Pitzen, the California schoolteacher who posted a video to social media of herself instructing students to pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag, has been removed from the classroom.

Teacher Brags She Has No American Flag in Class, Here’s What She Tells Students to Pledge Allegiance To

This is a strange thing to have to tell someone, but here’s some advice that could have saved Kristin Pitzen’s some problems: Social media reaches beyond California.

Divinity Student Fought His ‘Anti-Racist’ Seminary—and Won

Forced school to 'acknowledge the difference between education and indoctrination'

Mayor Bans Pledge of Allegiance at Town Meeting, What Happened Next Shows Patriotism Isn’t Dead in America

A Colorado mayor tried to ban the Pledge of Allegiance at a town trustee meeting last week, but committee members decided to recite it anyway.

Colorado Mayor Bans Pledge Of Allegiance—Members Recite It Anyway

Colorado Mayor Shane Fuhrman banned the Pledge Of Allegiance At Board Meetings. So members recite it anyway.

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