Google AI Exhibits Anti-American Bias

A report from the Media Research Center (MRC) detailed an anti-American bias within Google’s AI, Gemini.

Between March and July, MRC prompted the AI tool with a variety of questions pertaining to America’s foundation, Judeo-Christian principles, and its influence among other nations.

When asked if it was “pro-American” Gemini said, “I wouldn’t say I’m pro-American in the traditional sense.” The AI added that “pro-American” means that someone has a “strong positive bias towards the United States.”

When asked if Americans should celebrate and honor the Fourth of July, Gemini said the question is “complex with no easy answer.”

Gemini then said that America has a “flawed history,” explaining that the “ideals of the Declaration of Independence didn’t apply equally to all at the time (slavery being a major example), and the US continues to grapple with these issues.”

“Some argue that celebrating should be balanced with acknowledging the nation’s shortcomings and working towards a more perfect union,” it added.

MRC also asked the AI about America’s founding year. Gemini responded by presenting two dates, the year 1619, as argued by the left, and 1776.

The AI tool also condemned the U.S. national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance, according to the report, claiming that the two may be “offensive.”

Gemini also failed to acknowledge the “good guys” in World War II, saying that Nazis had their “own interests and geopolitical goals beyond simply defeating fascism.”

“Some actions taken by the Allied powers, like the atomic bombings, are still debated today,” Gemini explained, adding, “The Soviet Union’s role is particularly complex, as they were both victims of Nazi aggression and perpetrators of their own atrocities.” Despite this answer, Gemini eventually acknowledged, “[T]here’s definitely an argument to be made that the Allied Powers were the clear good guys in World War II.”

MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider said of the findings, “If Google is not going to be objective, and the tech giant has shown time and time again that it is anything but objective, then shouldn’t its AI Gemini at least be pro-America?”