HS Football Team Defies School Board And Leads Community In Post-Game Prayer

Football players in Tennessee led parents and fans in a post-game prayer after a school district in the state was told that its teachers, coaches and staff are forbidden to do such.

A China Story Bob Woodward Chose Not to Tell

In 1996 China dirty money helped reelect Bill Clinton — and Bob Woodward had a "choice" on whether to report the story. n a just...

Army Football Players Run Onto The Field Carrying American Flags On The Anniversary Of 9/11

Army football players made an incredible entrance Saturday against Western Kentucky.

Google facing another EU antitrust probe over market dominance

According to an MLex reporter’s tweet on Thursday, the European Commission (EC) is to investigate whether Google forced device manufacturers to install Google Assistant as the default voice software on Android devices.

Georgia Bulldogs football coach says team, which is more than 90% vaxxed, is experiencing ‘highest spike’ of COVID, including sports medicine director

University of Georgia football coach Kirby Smart did not get much time to enjoy his Bulldogs' impressive 10-3 win Saturday over the Clemson Tigers.

Biden’s energy-climate agenda facing 5 big problems

'Oil obviously has no alternative'

Conservative investment funds take aim at ‘woke’ corporations

Fortune 500 corporate boardrooms increasingly have embraced a “woke” agenda — such as Gillette lecturing its shavers about toxic masculinity and Bank of America having guest speakers declare capitalism evil.

China Admits Taliban Ties Aimed at Getting Afghanistan’s $3 Trillion in Rare Earths

In the course of hectoring the United States for its “bungled and embarrassing withdraw from Afghanistan” on Thursday, China’s state-run Global Times admitted Beijing has a rapacious interest in Afghanistan’s vast rare-earths mineral resources and snarled it was none of America’s business if China makes deals with the Taliban to get what it wants.

Afghan Footballer, 19, Identified as Fatality in USAF’s Recent Evacuation Efforts

On Monday, at least two individuals were seen falling from an American C-17 Globemaster, shortly after takeoff from the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. It was later reported that the body of another individual was found stowed away in the landing gear of the transport aircraft.

Video Game Adds Trans Character: Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six

While game journalist applaud the game's transition to a more diverse roster, Siege's transient playerbase is less enthused, citing the character's similarity to previous operators

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