Sen. Paul: Jail DA Bragg for ‘Abuse of Power’

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., rebuked George Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for "disgusting abuse of power."

The Vindictive Prosecution of Donald Trump Is Based in Democrats’ Hatred of His Supporters

The burning need of the Democrat establishment and their cronies in media to prosecute Donald Trump for the crime of becoming President has reached a fever pitch this week.

Republicans Demand Testimony from DA Investigating Trump

"Your actions will erode confidence in the evenhanded application of justice and unalterably interfere in the course of the 2024 presidential election," says Rep. Jordan.

DeSantis Criticizes Manhattan DA’s Investigation into Trump’s Possible Indictment (Video)

"These Soros district attorneys are a menace to society," says DeSantis.

Report Suggests Trump May Not Be Arrested Tuesday, Despite Rumors

Late Saturday night a report was released saying that Former President Donald Trump might not be arrested after all.

McCarthy Tells Committees To Investigate If Federal Funds Were Used In Trump Indictment

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Saturday said he is directing House committees to investigate whether federal funds are being used for "politically motivated prosecutions" amid reports that former President Donald Trump could be indicted as early as next week.

Conservatives Rally Around Donald Trump Following Arrest Prediction

Conservatives sounded the alarm following news that former President Donald Trump expects to be arrested on Tuesday based on “illegal leaks” from the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Trump Says He Will Be Arrested

Former President Donald Trump claims he will be arrested on Tuesday as he is being investigated by New York prosecutors for payments made during his presidential campaign, with Trump calling for his followers to protest.

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