Paul Ryan

Trump becomes most vocal ex-president since Teddy Roosevelt: Over 400 statements since WH exit

As the chaos in Afghanistan unfolded, people around the world were clamoring to hear from President Biden, who was on vacation at Camp David.

Republicans Keep Making Completely Unforced Errors So The Media Will Like Them

Leadership isn't imposed from speeches by people who had power and failed to exercise it prudently, and no one wants to hear from Paul Ryan.

Trump Calls Paul Ryan ‘Curse To The Republican Party’ After Former House Speaker Attacks Him

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan advised the GOP to steer clear of the “populist appeal of one personality,” a thinly-veiled shot at fellow Republicans who support Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Hammers ‘RINO Paul Ryan’ as a ‘Weak and Ineffective Leader’ for Republicans to Follow

Former President Donald Trump released a statement Friday morning targeting “RINO” Paul Ryan, the former “lame duck” Speaker of the House, for his “monumental” loss in 2012 and being “a weak and ineffective leader.”

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