Murdoch-Controlled Media Conspires for Next President

Rupert Murdoch-controlled media outlets such as the New York Post, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and others are actively fighting against Trump and his potential 2024 run. The ongoing list of establishment media engaging in anti-Trump fanfare suggest the 45th president is still a threat to the globalists and their organizations. RINO Republicans “predicted” prior to midterms that Trump would not seek a 2024 campaign. Coincidently, the same establishment Republicans blame Trump for the lack of Republican success in states such as Pennsylvania and Arizona, despite RINOs financing campaigns in opposition to GOP candidates.

From The National Pulse:

Before the results were even in, [Paul] Ryan tried to blame Trump for Republican underperformance. Think about it – the RINO establishment runs bad campaigns, throws money against their own candidates, fails to gear up for any election fraud challenges, and immediately has a strategy ready to blame Trump? It almost all seems intentional. It’s high time someone asked the question as to whether the GOP intentionally threw some of these races, just so they could have this fight.


If Rupert Murdoch got his say, the Republican Party will go back to the days of his board member Paul Ryan. They don’t want “Trumpism without Trump.” They want a Republican Party without any of the populist reforms brought by President Trump. We should be wary of any other candidate the establishment wants to prop up.

They are also purposefully stoking the flames of war between allegiances to Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Every ounce of energy directed between the two is a gallon of fuel not going into the long overdue war against McConnell and Murdoch. Getting the America First base to kill off each other is communist strategy 101.