Meta Introduces ‘Made With AI’ Labels Ahead of Election

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is claiming to address the potential misuse of AI during the upcoming presidential election through a new system to label AI-generated videos, images, and audio posted on its platforms.

Tennessee Bill Protects Christian Foster Families from LGBT Movement

Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill that forbids the government from barring parents against the LGBT movement from fostering and adopting children.

Former FDA Employees Went to Work for Moderna

Two former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employees overseeing COVID-19 vaccines went to work for Moderna, according to an investigation from the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Trump Sues Truth Social Co-Founders Over Alleged Mismanagement

Former President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against two co-founders of Truth Social's parent company, accusing them of mishandling business affairs and costing...

Soros-Backed News Network Head Visited White House Nearly 20 Times

Visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital found that the head of a news network funded by George Soros visited the Biden White House nearly 20 times.

TikTok Spends Millions of Dollars on TV Ads

Social media platform TikTok has spent $2.1 million in television ads as the Senate is reviewing a bill that could force its parent company to sell the app.

Texas Solar Farm Destruction Highlights Failures of ‘Green’ Energy

After a hail storm destroyed hundreds of panels at Fighting Jay's Solar farm in Fort Bend County, Texas, some have raised concerns that toxic chemicals could leak into water sources.

European Commission Launches Antitrust Investigations into Big Tech Companies

The European Union announced this week that it was opening an investigation into Google’s parent Alphabet, Meta and Apple over possible violations under the Digital Markets Act.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Buys 287-Foot Super Yacht

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly bought himself a $300 million super yacht.

Truth Social to Go Public, Trump May Receive $3 Billion

Donald Trump is expected to receive an estimated $3.5 billion windfall as shareholders voted to take the social media company Truth Social public.

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