‘Don’t Give Up the Ship!’: American Minute with Bill Federer

Among the many U.S. Navy and Marine heroes confronting Tripoli's Muslim Barbary pirates was Captain James Lawrence. In 1804, Captain Lawrence was second-in-command, under Lieutenant Stephen Decatur, of an expedition...

United Methodists Lift Ban on LGBT Clergy

United Methodists lifted its ban against LGBT clergy members during its General Conference.

RFK Jr. Promises to File Lawsuit Over TikTok Ban ‘On Constitutional Grounds’

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has vowed to file a lawsuit following the TikTok ban on “constitutional grounds.”

Biden Secretly Provided Ukraine with Long-Range Missiles

The United States reportedly sent long-range ballistic missiles to Ukraine in March.

Biden Campaign Continues Using TikTok Despite Signing Law Against Platform

The Biden reelection campaign is reportedly planning to remain on the social media app TikTok despite the president signing a bill that forces the app to be sold to an American company or be banned in the United States.

Biden Signs Bill Requiring TikTok Sale or Face U.S. Ban

President Biden has signed legislation that compels TikTok's parent company to sell its operations in the U.S. or face a ban. The measure is...

Senate Passes Foreign Aid Package, Includes TikTok Bill

The U.S. Senate passed a foreign aid package in a 79-18 vote.

Tennessee House Passes Bill Allowing Trained Teachers to Carry Guns

Tennessee House Republicans approved legislation on Tuesday permitting certain trained teachers and school staff to carry handguns, defying calls from Democrats, students, and gun-reform...

Michigan School District Cancels Pronoun Lesson After Staff Receives Threats

DeWitt Public Schools has canceled a voluntarily lesson about pronouns after staff received threats.

Parents of Michigan Shooter Sentenced to Prison

The parents of a teenager who shot and killed four high school students in Oxford, Michigan in November 2021 have been sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison each.

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