Byron Donalds Proposes Defunding Jurisdictions That Take Away Americans’ Freedoms

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) called for defunding jurisdictions that pose a threat to the rights of American citizens.

Dozens of Migrant Children Enter U.S. Unaccompanied

Texas authorities announced that dozens of migrant children were encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border in one day.

Texas DPS Rescues 19 Unaccompanied Children in One Week

The Texas Department Public Safety rescued 19 unaccompanied children in just a 5 day period last week.

Nearly 3 Million Illegal Immigrants Registered to Vote: Study

A study released by the research institute Just Facts revealed that between 10%-27% of illegal immigrants are unlawfully registered to vote.

Biden’s Popularity Falls to Lowest Level in Nearly Two Years

President Joe Biden's public approval rating has fallen to its lowest level in almost two years, tying the lowest point of his presidency, according...

Republican Attorney Generals Sue White House, California Over Gas-Powered Truck Limits

A group of Republican attorneys general took legal action this week against the Biden administration and California over new emissions limits for trucks.

Biden Campaign Criticizes Media’s Portrayal of Trump’s Abortion Position

President Biden's 2024 campaign criticized media coverage of former President Donald Trump's stance on abortion, calling for greater accuracy in reporting during a press...

Trump and Co-Defendants Appeal Ruling on District Attorney in Georgia Case

Donald Trump and his co-defendants in Georgia are appealing Judge Scott McAfee’s decision allowing the Fulton County district attorney to remain on the case....

Kennedy Jr.: Biden Poses ‘Worse Threat’ to Democracy Than Trump, Alleges Federal Agency Censorship

In a recent appearance on CNN, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. asserted that President Joe Biden posed a greater threat to democracy than...

Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade Resigns

Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade resigned on Friday following a judge declaring that either Wade or Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had to step down to continue their case against Donald Trump.

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