Trump Slams DeSantis for ‘Campaigning’ While Fort Lauderdale Is Flooded

Former President Donald Trump criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in an interview with Breitbart News at the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention, saying DeSantis should be responding to the flood in Fort Lauderdale instead of campaigning.

Truck Carrying Toxic Soil Dumps Contents Just Miles From East Palestine, Ohio

A truck containing toxic soil has spilled near East Palestine, Ohio just months after a train derailment contaminated the small town.

Manhattan DA Sues Rep. Jordan Over Trump Indictment Inquiry

The lawsuit, according to Bragg, is "in response to an unprecedently brazen and unconstitutional attack by members of Congress on an ongoing New York State criminal prosecution and investigation of former President Donald J. Trump."

Norfolk Southern Train Carrying Diesel Fuel Derails in Alabama, Hospitalizing Two

A Norfolk Southern train carrying diesel fuel derailed outside of Jasper, Alabama this weekend, briefly trapping two of the crew members.

Rep. Jordan Subpoenas Former Assistant DA Mark Pomerantz in Investigation into Indictment of Former President Trump

Jim Jordan, Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary, has issued a subpoena compelling former New York County Special Assistant District Attorney Mark F. Pomerantz to appear for a deposition regarding his role in the investigation of former President Trump's finances, in light of the Committee's oversight of the New York County District Attorney's indictment of the former President and current declared candidate for that office.

DeSantis Signs Bill Allowing Permitless Concealed Carry in Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill allowing residents to carry concealed firearms in the state without a permit, making Florida the 26th state to allow permitless concealed carry.

CDC Investigators Fall Ill While Studying Health Impacts of Ohio Train Derailment

CDC investigators studying the health impacts of the Ohio train derailment fell ill with symptoms such as sore throat, headache, coughing, and nausea, raising concerns about the safety of the air and drinking water in the area.

Gavin Newsom Announces Campaign To Promote Liberal Agenda in Republican States Across The U.S.

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) announced a national campaign to fight in red states, increasing rumors that he is running for president in 2024.

Barge Carrying Methanol Partially Submerged in Kentucky Dam

The water is reportedly "safe."

EPA Fails to Test for Dioxins After Chemical Spill in Ohio, Puts Residents at Risk: Environmental Health Scientist

Environmental health scientist Stephen Lester is calling on the EPA to test the soil in East Palestine, Ohio for toxic dioxins after a chemical spill following a train derailment.

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