U.S. Forces Intercept ‘Nearly All’ Iranian Missiles Targeting Israel

President Joe Biden praised American forces for intercepting "nearly all" drones and missiles launched by Iran towards Israel and pledged a coordinated global response...

Israeli Troops Recover Body of Hostage Captured by Hamas

Israel said over the weekend its special forces had recovered the body of a hostage killed while being held captive in Gaza by terrorist organization Hamas.

Biden’s UN Abstention Fuels Friction with Israel

The Biden administration's decision on Monday to abstain from vetoing a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution advocating for a cease-fire in Gaza is...

US Abstains from UN Ceasefire Vote, Straining US-Israel Relations

The Biden administration's decision to abstain from a United Nations resolution demanding a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Hamas marked a significant...

Students Forced to Watch Video Saying White People Are Racist

Davidson College in North Carolina required student-athletes to watch a video saying all white people are inherently racist.

Washington Residents Encouraged to ‘Turn In’ Friends, Neighbors for Exhibiting ‘Bias’

Residents of the state of Washington have raised concerns about free speech violations after it was learned that the governor, Jay Inslee (D), is expected to sign a bill creating a "bias incident hotline."

Johns Hopkins Chief Diversity Officer Steps Down Months After Calling Christian Men ‘Priviledged’

Johns Hopkins Medicine’s chief diversity officer has stepped down just months after receiving backlash for sending out a newsletter calling men, Christians and white people “privileged.”

Christians Demand Apology After Reporter ‘Smears the Christian Faith’

Christian organizations sent a letter to Politico after one of its reporters, Heidi Przybyla, condemned the beliefs of Christian nationalists.

Native American Group Calls for Chiefs to Drop Name Ahead of Super Bowl

A group of Native Americans called for the Kansas City Chief to drop its name, mascot and "tomahawk chop" ritual prior to their Super Bowl win Sunday.

Stalemate: House Vote on $17.6 Billion Israel Aid Ends in Defeat

The House failed to pass over $17.6 billion in assistance to Israel on Tuesday, dealing a blow to House Speaker Mike Johnson’s efforts to...

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