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Soros-Backed News Network Head Visited White House Nearly 20 Times

Visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital found that the head of a news network funded by George Soros visited the Biden White House nearly 20 times.

News Network Generated by Artificial Intelligence to Launch in 2024

Channel 1 is set to launch an all-AI news coverage system in 2024.

NewsNation’s GOP Debate Sees 82% Drop in Viewers

The Republican presidential primary debate hosted by NewsNation on Wednesday saw the worst ratings of all debates this cycle, with event only drawing in 1.6 million viewers.

U.S. Health and Human Services Admits No Childhood Vaccine Has Undergone Pre-Licensing Safety Studies, Robert F. Kenendy Jr. Proves (Watch)

"Of the 72 vaccine doses now mandated essentially mandated—they recommended, but they're really mandated for American children—none of them, not one, has ever been subject to a pre-licensing placement-controlled trial," Kennedy's lawsuit against HHS confirms.

Lawsuit Underway to Release Nashville Christian School Shooter’s Manifesto

The Star News Network filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for violating the First Amendment after denying Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Taliban Joins China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The Taliban has agreed to join China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

ABC News Significantly Edits RFK Jr. Interview Over Alleged COVID-19 Vaccine ‘False Claims’

Data made public by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms the COVID vaccine has been linked to 35,152 deaths, 197,564 hospitalizations, and 1,547,355 injuries.

World Wealth Manager, WEF Partner BlackRock Increased Stake in Fox Corp Two Months Before Tucker Carlson Ouster

In February 2023, BlackRock announced that it had increased its investments in Class A Fox Corporation stock to 15%.

Fox News, Dominion Voting Systems Reach $787 Million Settlement, Avoid Trial

Fox News has agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems $787 million, avoiding a trial in the defamation case brought against the news channel.

DIRECTV and Newsmax Reach Multi-Year Distribution Deal to Resume Programming

DIRECTV and Newsmax have reached a multi-year distribution deal, resulting in the return of Newsmax programming to DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM and U-verse, resolving a recent carriage dispute.

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