Mother of J6 Prisoner ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jake Chansley Expects Release ‘Really Soon’ (Watch)

Martha Chansley, mother of "QAnon Shaman" Jake Chansley, expects her son's release from prison "really soon," as she revealed in an interview with The Gateway Pundit, although she did not provide an exact date.

Senators to Propose Legislation to Mandate Balloon Tracking

Two senators are introducing legislation Wednesday to mandate tracking systems on high-altitude weather and research balloons to help the U.S. military differentiate between potential threats.

Navy Renames Two Ships to Cut Ties With Confederate History

Officials with the United States Navy have renamed two ships whose names have ties to the Confederacy.

Jan 6 Committee Never Watched Capitol Surveillance Video: CNN Reporter

The select committee assigned to investigate the Capitol riot did not review the surveillance footage, which is the primary evidence of the event, and outsourced the task to a team of employees, as revealed after Kevin McCarthy permitted controlled access to the video for House members to decide what happened on that day.

NBC Reporter Admits Zelensky’s Goal to Retake Crimea Is ‘Dangerous’

Mainstream media acknowledges the "dangerous" goal of the Ukraine president.

U.S. ‘Doomsday Plane’ Lands in Iceland Amid Rising Tensions With Russia Over New START Nuclear Treaty

The US Navy's "doomsday plane," the E-6B Mercury, has landed in Iceland to conduct operations in the US European Command zone, amid rising tensions with Russia over the suspension of the New START nuclear treaty.

Navy Secretary Says China Has ‘Significant Advantage’ in Shipbuilding, Outpacing U.S.

Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro warned that China is outpacing the United States in shipbuilding and that the communist country has a "significant advantage" in that regard.

Former White House Doctor for Trump and Obama Blasts ‘Alarming’ Biden Health Report

Texas GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, is calling for an end to the "cover-up" of President Biden's health after the president's physical earlier this week claimed that he is healthy and fit to serve as commander in chief.

Navy Quietly Reshuffles Super Bowl Flyover Team To All-Female Aviators

The U.S. Navy quietly ditched a team of aviators scheduled to conduct a traditional flyover before Super Bowl LVII and replaced it with a group of all female aviators, reported Friday.

Kremlin Reacts to Nord Stream Sabotage Claim

Russia is concerned by attempts to silently wind down the investigation into last year’s explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipelines, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has said.

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