White House Proposing ‘Billionaire Minimum Income Tax’

White House officials will reportedly zero in on American billionaires with a minimum tax when President Joe Biden announces his 2023 budget.

Bill Martinez: ‘What Are Dems Seeing That Is Causing Them To Head For The Exits Along With A Supreme Court Justice?’

Makes one wonder who was in control of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's exit. The timing is critical and imperative for a party that is determined to force a losing and unpopular agenda on the American people.

New Book Claims That Hunter Biden’s Assistant Was a Chinese Agent

Hunter Biden’s laptop continues to haunt him as leaked emails show that the President’s son allegedly solicited secretarial services from a former researcher for the Chinese government.

China Millionaires To Double By 2025 As America Fades Into Darkness

Rising wealth in China and the number of millionaires and the middle class is set to increase through the midpoint of this decade as the country grows more affluent and smarter.

‘Millionaires Tax’ Threat Has Some NY Bankers, Managers Eyeing Exits

For decades New York’s bankers and fund managers have accepted the city’s high tax rates as a part of working in the world’s premier financial capital.

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