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FBI Requests Court Seal Seth Rich Files They Claimed Not to Have

The FBI has requested a federal court seal materials relating to the death of Seth Rich for 66 years, files the FBI previously said they did not have.

Trump: ‘America Loves Christmas’

In a preview of a special Christmas interview with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, President Trump reminded Americans of their treasured Christian heritage which becomes the central focus around this time of year. “America loves Christmas,” said Trump to Huckabee.

Donald Trump to Newsmax: Despite ‘Woke’ Cancel Culture, ‘America Loves Christmas’

You do not have to be Christian in America to enjoy the Christmas season, according to former President Donald Trump on Newsmax, who denounced the "woke" trying to cancel Christmas.

Huckabee: Worst thing that can happen to economy is paying people not to work (video)

NY giving unemployed illegals money is an 'outrage' to tax payers, argues Huckabee

Ex-governor Mike Huckabee says he now identifies as ‘Chinese’ on Twitter, trolling leftists

Mike Huckabee has been accused by many of fueling anti-Asian hatred with a tweet that mocks identity politics, saying the former governor now identifies as Chinese to get free stuff.

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