Cruz Faces Tough Competition from Allred in Texas Senate Battle

Ted Cruz's confirmed Democratic opponent for his Texas Senate seat in November may pose a significant challenge to the Republican. Congressman Colin Allred secured victory...

Trump Says Federal Gov’t Plays ‘Vital Role’ in Protecting the Unborn (Video)

"There of course remains a vital role for the federal government in protecting unborn life," Trump announced. "We will bring everybody together to protect our precious unborn babies in a very, very big way."

New Bill Would Block Biden from Invoking a National Climate Emergency

“The Biden administration has repeatedly governed by executive overreach when it comes to energy and environmental regulations, ignoring the law and doing so without congressional approval."

American Voters Express Fears Over Election Integrity

A survey from Rasmussen Reports found that 60% of likely U.S. voters believe it is likely that last year's midterms were affected by cheating.

Some Dems Won’t Get Behind Biden Reelection Bid

Steve Shurtleff was at Joe Biden's side in 2019 when he filed papers in the New Hampshire State House to run for president.

Biden Comms Director Kate Bedingfield to Step Down, Ben LaBolt Named as Replacement

Kate Bedingfield, President Biden's Communications Director, will be stepping down in February and will be replaced by Ben LaBolt, who will become the first openly gay White House Communications Director.

$80 Million in COVID Relief Funds Given to Planned Parenthood

As part of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) implemented during the COVID pandemic, Planned Parenthood clinics have reportedly received $80 million in funds.

Trump Congratulates McDaniel on RNC Chair Win, Pushes For Renewed Election Integrity

Former President Donald Trump on Friday congratulated Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on winning a fourth term in her post and urged his supporters to focus on combatting alleged Democratic efforts to cheat in electoral contests.

Trump Believes There Must Be Exceptions in Abortion to Get Elected

Trump told Real America's Voice TV network that pro-life candidates must make some exceptions for abortion in order to get elected.

Kentucky Progressive Dem. Says Biden Should Be Impeached for War Crimes in Ukraine

Kentucky progressive Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Geoffrey Young has proposed that President Joe Biden be “immediately” thrown out of office for a series of war crimes committed by his administration.

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