RFK Jr. Says Biden, DNC Trying to Shut Down His Campaign

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is claiming the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is aiming to shut down his presidential campaign.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Challenges Biden to Primary Debate

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has challenged President Joe Biden to prove that he is mentally and physically fit for office by facing him in a primary debate.

69% of Democrats Say ‘Biden’s Age Is a Significant Concern’

Only 28% of Republicans think Trump is too old.

Canadian Gov’t Refuses to Euthanize Transgender Suffering ‘Discomfort and Pain’ Since Sex-Change Surgery

Profound regret for being hurried into a surgery that not only resulted in sterilization but has also left him in continuous pain.

Only 41% Of Registered Voters Believe Biden to Be ‘Mentally Fit to Serve as President’

A Harvard/Harris survey found that only 41% of registered voters believe Biden to be “mentally fit to serve as President of the United States.”

Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Comes Out as ‘Antifa Super Soldier’

Trans-identifying biological male Lia Thomas has now come out as a supporter of "Trantifa."

Majority of Americans View Joe Biden as Physically and Mentally Unfit for Office: New Poll

Nearly six in 10 respondents deemed Biden unsuitable for the presidency, both physically and mentally.

Survivalist Bear Grylls Admits He Was ‘Wrong’ About Benefits of Veganism

Since eating meat, Bear Grylls has "never been better."

Marine Veteran Charged With Manslaughter

U.S. Marine veteran Daniel Penny turned himself in for the murder of Jordan Neely, a mentally-ill homeless man who had allegedly been yelling threats before he was placed in a chokehold by Penny and two other individuals.

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