Mental Decline

More Than 50 Republicans Call for Biden to Take Cognitive Test

Among the Republicans is a former White House physician.

Almost 40 GOP Lawmakers Ask Biden to Take Cognitive Test Due to ‘Mental Decline’

Almost 40 Republican lawmakers have requested President Joe Biden take a cognitive test to determine the state of his mental awareness.

Narrative of a perfect 2020 election eroding as Wisconsin becomes investigative ground zero

Evidence grows of election mismanagement, illegal acts and some fraud in several states.

The Only Way Back To Deterrence Is Firing Biden’s Entire National Security Team

America needs experts who can reverse the damage Biden is doing to our national security and will stand up to future unsound and dangerous decisions.

Biden’s Mental Decline on Full Display In Latest Gaffe

Biden Forgets to Name Third Reason Why He Ran for Presidency, Claims He ‘Drove’ 18-Wheeler Once

The Democratic president is well known for his frequent gaffes, especially during off-the-cuff speeches, prompting his political rivals to raise questions about his mental capability to hold the nation's highest post.

New York Times: Joe Biden Has Short Temper; Outbursts of Profanity

President Joe Biden has a short temper and sometimes unloads outbursts of profanity on his aides, the New York Times reported Friday.

Biden shows mental decline, repeatedly refers to the ‘ATF’ as the ‘AFT’

In another sign stumblin’ Joe Biden is losing it, the former Vice President bungled the acronym of the federal agency at the center of his press conference Thursday.

Biden is crumbling before our eyes

There is no clear answer as to why his team do not trust the President to give a Press Conference

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