More Than 50 Republicans Call for Biden to Take Cognitive Test

Among the Republicans is a former White House physician.

  • More than 50 Republicans signed a letter to Joe Biden and his medical team requesting that he undergo cognitive testing immediately.
  • The group expressed their concern that Biden either did not have a cognitive test or the results were withheld from the public during his last physical on Nov. 19 of last year.
  • The letter revealed that 66% of voters believe that Biden “should take a cognitive test” and 56% of voters are not confident that he is “physically and mentally fit for your duties as President.”
  • The lawmakers went on to address details of recent public appearances where Biden lost his train of thought, got confused, shuffled his feet when walking, slurred words, and other indicators of mental decline.
  • Specifically, the letter noted that during his recent trip to the Middle East, Biden claimed that we must “keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust.”
  • Noted in the letter was a similar request made of former President Donald Trump, saying that “Starting in 2018, political opponents and members of the media clamored for your predecessor, then-President Trump, to take a cognitive test. In response, the White House Physician conducted a Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) for President Trump, at which he excelled.”
  • “This is also not a partisan issue. As Democrat Representative Jamie Raskin previously pointed out, with many politicians and the population at-large growing older, ‘it’s not hard to think that there will be future situations where the President’s physical and mental state may create issues for us,'” the letter said near its close.
  • “I have long said there would come a time when I was not the only one discussing Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. That time is now,” Jackson said in his statement to Fox News.
  • “As Democrats in the West Wing and the broader Democrat Party express discontent about his age-related decline, it should be clear now more than ever to President Biden, Dr. O’Connor, and Dr. Fauci that it is time to submit to a cognitive test,” Jackson went on to say.
  • “This is not a political issue, it’s common sense. If Joe Biden is confident in his ability to excel at a cognitive test the way President Trump did, he can easily put his fellow Democrats’ fears to rest with this one simple test.”
  • Jackson served as a White House Physician during the administrations of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald J. Trump.
  • The doctor gave President Trump a cognitive test after calls from Democrats and the mainstream media grew to a fever pitch in 2018.
  • Jackson sent letters to Biden in June 2021 and again in February 2022, calling on him to do the same, all of which have been ignored.