Mask Rules

Corporate America Relaxes Mask Rules, Reopens Offices as Blue States Relent on COVID-19 Mandates

Retailers await CDC mask update, struggle with fractured landscape

C.D.C. Loosening Mask Guidelines Soon: NBC

Move comes as most states have already lifted indoor mask requirements.

‘Please Let Me Out,’ Begs Child Locked in Classroom for ‘Not Wearing Mask’

Footage filmed by a middle school student in Elgin, Illinois, captured the moment he was forcibly sequestered in a classroom reportedly for not wearing a face mask.

New Jersey Gov. Ends School Mask Mandate: Moving ‘From a Pandemic to an Endemic Phase of This Virus’

Pressure from conservatives and declining COVID cases drive gov.'s decision.

Garcetti Defends Taking Off His Mask Off for Photo Op: ‘I Hold My Breath’

Eric Garcetti told reporters he was holding his breath to take his mask off at the Rams-49ers game last Sunday.

Newsom Claims He Removed Mask for ‘Brief Second’ to Snap Photo With NBA Legend. Photo Evidence Shows Otherwise.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom stopped short on Monday of admitting that he made a mistake after he was caught, once again, not abiding by COVID-19 rules.

After Removing Mask Mandates, U.K. Reports Lowest Number of Daily COVID Cases Since Dec. 14

Coronavirus case numbers decline just days after scrapping mask rules.

Highly Vaxxed Europe Must Now Mask Outdoors

Covid-19 vaccine not effective enough to keep Europe from implementing even stricter mask mandates.

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