World Economic Forum Pushes Mask-Wearing Again: ‘Treat Face Masks Like Umbrellas’

Also pushing COVID vaccines made by corporations who fund the Forum.

  • The World Economic Forum (WEF), a globalism-promoting nonprofit, is calling for citizens of the world to mask up again if COVID-19 cases begin to increase.
  • “In the same way that people take an umbrella with them when it is raining, they should consider wearing a face mask if COVID cases are starting to rise or if a new wave is forecast,” the Forum wrote in a Friday publication. “We can take the same approach with testing, ventilation and social distancing.”
  • The Forum also urges people who are “behind on their vaccines to get up-to-date.”
Screenshot from taken August 5, 2022
  • Recent data showed COVID cases in Singapore and New Zealand had overtaken Australia in the latest Omicron wave despite ultra-strict mask mandates in those regions, casting doubt on mask-wearing’s effectiveness at preventing the spread of coronavirus.
  • “Masks are worn everywhere in the densely-populated Asian city while New Zealanders are forced to wear them in all indoor public places, such as shopping centres and libraries,” the Daily Mail reported. “But both now have higher case numbers per million than Australia, where compulsory mask rules have been abandoned in most indoor settings.”