Weak Men Make Hard Times

The diminution of testosteronal appeal is no error.

‘Dads on Duty’ at a Louisiana high school show America needs a MANdate

Men are the vaccine. An injection of masculine, male energy can improve every problem plaguing America. We can flatten the curve overnight.

Pastor Voddie Baucham Blasts Attacks On Masculinity, Says It’s ‘An Attack On The God Who Created Us’

When it comes to today's culture's uncertainty about gender roles, Pastor Voddie Baucham explains why he thinks society should accept and appreciate the differences between men and women.

Amazon’s dreadful new movie Cinderella is woke, feminist nonsense intended to indoctrinate young girls

In wokelandia, girlboss Cinderella obliterates the patriarchy by choosing her career over love, and the flaccid prince lets his sister take the throne. Why? Because women can have it all and men – obviously – are utterly useless.

Conservative investment funds take aim at ‘woke’ corporations

Fortune 500 corporate boardrooms increasingly have embraced a “woke” agenda — such as Gillette lecturing its shavers about toxic masculinity and Bank of America having guest speakers declare capitalism evil.

On Jordan Peterson and Filling the Void

The current value-neutral and “follow your bliss” approach to life is not leading to fulfillment for young men who have been educated to believe their essential masculine traits are inherently toxic. By promoting masculinity as a virtue instead of a vice, Peterson has found an audience hungry for encouragement and reassurance so that they can ennoble themselves through refining those same characteristics into a force for good in the world.

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